Are you Drupal newbies? How is your first experience in using this open source platform to manage website? Many professional developers begin from newbie, no matter what platform they use. So, there is nothing to worry about if you have many questions about Drupal. Now, you are about to find tips and tricks in using Drupal. After knowing the tips and tricks from professional developers, you will boost up your competence in mastering Drupal.

Tips and Tricks for Drupal Newbies

Do you know what Drupal actually is? This is the most common mistake done by Drupal newbies. While you do not really know what it is, the chance is you will not be able to figure out how to master it. Drupal is an open source platform which can be used to manage website using PHP as a program language. Drupal has many modules and plugins that allow you to customize this platform. Here are some tips and tricks you need to know about Drupal:

  1. Drupal installation live

Many Drupal newbie do not know what to do after downloading Drupal to the computer. Note that Drupal will not work on your computer; instead it works live on server. When you develop a website, you need to put it on the internet. The Drupal installation will be on the server. However, if you insist to build the site at home, you need to download server environment to run Drupal on your computer.

  1. No need to master PHP

It has been known that Drupal uses PHP as a program language. Yet, it does not mean those who know a little bit about PHP have no chance. You do not need to understand all about PHP to build website in Drupal. There might be many pages that come with PHP code, which is intended for competent people. However, you can choose another solution to use menu and tickbox to solve the problem without messing around with the code.

  1. Be careful in choosing modules and themes

Newbie loves to try anything, including modules and themes. Once you access Drupal, you will see a folder named Modules and Themes. Do not mess around with those folders and you are not meant to contribute anything related to the core installation. If you want to change modules and themes, open another folder with the same name in Drupal installation.

  1. Follow examples

If this is your real first time using Drupal, the chance is you do not know what to do with it. One of the best solutions for this problem is by following the examples. There are several choices of Drupal Examples Project that can be your references in creating your own website development project.

  1. Link nodes

Do you want to put link into your node? If you typically use WYSYWYG editor, try another method by typing the link in HTML. This way is considered more efficient in putting link into the body.

Do you feel like a pro already? Those are several tips that you can try in case you are a Drupal newbie. Experience will teach you far better than anyone else, therefore you should never stop trying.