Drupal has been one of favorite open source platforms among web developers. It offers not only flexibility but also uniqueness in managing web content. As result, creating incredible website is not impossible at all. In addition, Drupal also offers more functionality since you can find thousands of modules and plugins for this platform. It enables you to achieve your goal in creating high quality website. What plugins are recommended for Drupal?

5 Plugins to Improve Your Drupal Experience

Drupal as an open source platform allows you to improve web developing experience through plugins and modules. With a lot of choices out there, you can choose any plugins that will improve your convenience in using Drupal. Below, you are about to find recommended plugins for Drupal that will bring functionality, efficiency, and fast experience.

  1. Admin Toolbar

If you are using Drupal 8, admin toolbar will be your favorite plugin. It offers perfect substitute for admin menu module. When using this plugin, it enables you to add dropdown menu which allows you to access more items in the toolbar. Not only cutting time during web-development process, this plugin also enhances experience for developers and administrators. It is not surprising to know this plugin is on the top position for Drupal plugin.

  1. Diff

When developing a website, you make many changes. The chance is you lose track of what kind of changes you give for the website. Diff is a versatile plugin that brings solution to minimize mistake. This software tool allows you to view detailed history related to modification you have made to the website. Through this plugin, it enables you to keep track on any changes over time.

  1. Chaos tool suite

Chaos tool suite is a nice plugin to improve your experience in developing a website. Creating custom plugins and exportable is never this easy before. This recommended plugin is available for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. Using chaos tool suite, you will find object caching tool for editing an object throughout many page requests.

  1. Colorbox

In case you would like to create eye-catching overlays, Colorbox plugin is what you need to install. Colorbox makes your website outstanding compared to the others that do not use this plugin. This is kind of good news for Drupal 8 users because this plugin is exclusively available for Drupal 8.

  1. Google analytic

Developing a website means you need to be able to track the system status. Google analytic is a must plugin for every site since it allows you to find information about website traffic, status, and many others. With Google analytic, you are allowed to customize some features such as tracking specific pages and users, enabling multi domain tracking, and many others.

After all, Drupal as a popular open source platform enables you to customize the features to enhance your convenience. Plugin is the brilliant solution to level up your experience in using Drupal. Among many recommended plugins, which one is your favorite? Before installing specific plugin, make sure it is compatible with your Drupal version.