Security is always important factor in developing website. Since it is connected to internet, there can be many possible attacks. This case can also happen when you use Joomla as your CMS. As open source CMS, security is quite sensitive and you need to make sure your website is always in secured state. Of course, there are some tips to setup and make your website safe.


Some Tips and Tutorials to Setup Security for Joomla


Joomla is popular CMS and many developers love this app so much because of the characteristic of open source system. Most access is free and users can modify the app quite flexibly. Even though, security aspect must get big portion of attention. Related to this point, there are several things to do in order to provide better security against any attacks and breaching.


  1. Keep the CMS and its extensions updated

Updating software regularly has become basic and essential point in working with apps. When using Joomla, of course you must keep updated and use the latest version of CMS. In the update, there is always solutions and fixation for security issues and bugs.


Extension must also get attention since Joomla cannot work well without the extension and plugins. Even, some hackers use the extensions as the way to attack website. That’s why updating extensions and plugins is highly recommended to do.


  1. Use unique login detail

Login details, including user name and password, must get attention since this can be the other accesses for potential attackers and hackers to break the web security. Therefore, using “admin” or “administrator” as user name must be avoided. Using common names for ID and password is very bad idea. These can be so predictable and hacked easily. As a solution, use unique name and combination of character and number.


  1. Set the permission and ownership

Since Joomla is about management of website, it is common to have several persons working as administrators or managers. However, its permission must be set correctly in order to increase the level of security. To do this, follow the points below.


  • Set 755 for permission for your Joomla folder.
  • Set 644 for the permission to access files of Joomla.
  • Set 444 for the permission to access the file of configuration.php.


  1. Use security extension

In fact, you cannot just depend on the security features and updates on Joomla. You will need extra security and it can be obtained from extensions. It provides stronger web security, so it is harder for attacker to break and take over your web.


  1. Backup regularly

Regular backup must be made. This is great to make prevention whenever worst case happens. Database can be stored in your PC and other place, so you can have more backups to restore whenever your web is down or attacked.


Those are some tips and solutions to make your Joomla more secure. These may seem simple, but become so essentials to make prevention. The tips will be so helpful to provide stronger security for your web.